Sweet Porridge

Sweet Porridge - student project

Find a theme: I love Grimm fairytales! And I felt verry inspired by the Red Riding Hood drawing so I randomly chose a Grimm story and it landed on "Sweet Porridge" or the "Magic Porridge Pot". Here's a pic from Pinterest that I used for inspiration;

Sweet Porridge - image 1 - student project

Materials: My favorite art materials to use are my Sakura Micron inking pens sizes 03 and 05, Bic mechanical pencils, Prang #4 pencil, Prang watercolor pan set, Koi Watercolor Travel set, and whatever watercolor paper I have on hand. For sketching paper I'll use anything from receipts to the back of paperwork.

Sweet Porridge - image 2 - student project


Concept Art:

Sweet Porridge - image 3 - student project

Initial Sketch:Sweet Porridge - image 4 - student project


Sweet Porridge - image 5 - student project


Sweet Porridge - image 6 - student project