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Sweet Morning

There is a beautiful garden next to my house full of colorful flowers. I love when I wake up every morning and have my breakfast looking at the flowers throw my window. So I wanted to share that feeling, the fresh air in my face, a nice breakfast and the wonderful views.

In order to build these pattern I decided that I wanted to use my own photographs, so I took my camera to catch those fantastic flowers and leaves. I wanted to include a butterfly but I didn't see any that day, so I used a picture I took some weeks ago in the zoo.


Next thing I did was to modify some pictures I had to find the mood I wanted. I just used one picture from the Internet in this step, the mushrooms one.


Then, it was time to draw using the photographs I did as a reference. 


Again, I used my photographs to find the colour palette I wanted.


I didn't use all the sketches, but I created the motifs with some of them.


And these are two versions of the pattern I created with my motifs. I hope you like it!

I really enjoy the process. Thank you so much for this course! xxx



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