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Michelle Grace

Surface Pattern Designer



Sweet Dreams patterns on clothing

This class came at the perfect time for me as I am hoping to create a look book containing mockups of my recent collection "Sweet Dreams".

I began by looking for photos on Unsplash.com. Thanks so much for guiding me towards this website it has some fantastic photos and I am very happy to subscribe to it!

I chose my image first as I knew I wanted to find an image with children's clothing though was pleasantly surprised to find my photo with a child and mother!


The photo had lovely whits backgrounds on the t-shirt and vest which would enable me to use 2 patterns. I also hoped to show that within my pattern collection I have versatile designs that could be used for differnt products and areas. 

The 1st pattern I used was my "Springtime" floral in pink.


Then I also used my "Mermaids and Unicorns" pattern for the child's t-shirt and my"Dotty" pattern for her headband! Here are the 3 patterns I used.


Thanks so much to Aga for this great project that I was able to do in a morning. I am very rusty on PS as I use illustrator every day and only use PS for occasion mock ups and resizing patterns.

I will look forward to doing more mock ups and creating my look book now with much greater ease!

My final mock up!




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