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Angelica Suarez




Sweet Cheeks Font

This was so fun! I've been wanting to make my own fonts for a long time. I started hand-lettering as a kid and haven't stopped since! Thanks so much for an easy-to-follow process. Here's my first font, I was able to complete it in an afternoon (with three kids that is a huge bonus!):

Inspiration : 

I really just wanted to create my own prints for my kids' bathroom without having to hand letter everything. So I used one of my chunky, free-form styles as inspiration to complete this font.

Sketches :

I have graph paper on a clipboard at all times, so that's what I used to sketch. I initially started with outlines but then watched the videos thoroughly where it was explained how to start with one letter and use it as a guide for other letters. I never even thought about it like that before! 



After I cleaned it up in Photoshop, I went into Illustrator to trace and smooth. There were some letters (like the M and W) that I wanted to be more symmetrical. I simply cut those letters with the scissors tool and mirrored them so it still remained hand-drawn looking. I then imported each letter into Glyphs. 

I realized I must have either missed a step or ungrouped something because my letters weren't in line with the bounding boxes. I went back into Illustrator and aligned everything by centering to save myself time once pasting into Glyphs Mini.


In Use:

Here is the font in use for my girls' bathroom. I'm still not finished tweaking it quite yet, but I love that it made creating these prints so much quicker and consistent! 



Thanks again! This is going to be addicting. :)


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