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Swedish forest - a collection based on precious childhood memories


Hi everybody!

This was a second course by Bonnie that I've taken and I can't express how happy I am that I had the chance to take both. I had a very poor knowledge of Illustrator before I started and now I am amazed at what magic I'm able to do, all thanks to Bonnie. Thank you so much for sharing what you know with us and teaching us your secrets. 

My collection called 'Swedish Forest', is based on my childhood memories of summers spent at my aunt's wood house in a forest in Sweden. I travelled there with my grandmother every summer from the age of 3 till 13 and it became my fairy land. I imagined miniature worlds within mosses, sat at rocks for hours observing the nature, picked mushrooms with my family and silently waited for deers to appear. 

At the start of this project, I drew lots and lots of illustrations. I didn't want to repeat the motives within individual patterns and so I drew motives in clusters of based on the topics I wanted to cover. I think I drew for 3 days straight :) 


I mostly took inspiration from my memories, but I did gather a few images to help me come up with a color palette and to serve as a mood board for me:


Once I had the color palette and all the motives, I started putting the patterns together. This was a process that took many days. I enjoyed building them slowly one by one.




Here is my final collection in two color variations. I used my original color palette for both of the color variations. 



Lastly, I played with the application to products. I used both the product mockup template that Bonnie provided to us and also purchased a bedding mockup as I felt like the overall topic of memories and a world that mostly existed within my mind really nicely corresponds with sleep time, meditation and relaxation. 




I cannot wait to start working on a portfolio and am already thinking of topics for next collections :)

Thank you Bonnie!


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