Swedish countryside

Updated 11/24

Finally got the time to chase some good light. We got our first snow here and the afternoon sun was great in this dark wood. I always take my time and want to make the image as good as possible in camera and thats why I use both the exposure and focus point within the app. VSCO has all I need if I get it right in camera, subtle changes and the possibility to work with both highlights and shadows to get the right mood.


I am a teacher and photography is my biggest passion. Well...sports too of course. I live in the swedish countryside and shoot mainly portraits and nature. It is nice out here but right now it is a bit dark and dull. We don't have many mountains here which I think is a bit sad. Otherwise the summer and the beginning of fall is really beautiful. 

Since I have a family and full time job I only get the chance to shoot at weekends. Right now it is dark when I go to work and dark when I get home. Summertime and early fall I love to get up in the morning and chase good light and fog. 

When I shoot with my iPhone i use VSCO cam and sometimes Snapseed and a few other apps. I love VSCO and use all of the tools, even toning the highlights and shadows. Don't use the filters at full, mostly between 5 and 8. Subtle changes is the best.

Now I am longing for winter and looking forward to check out all the work from members of this class.

My website: http://mattiasgustavsson.se/

My Instagram: http://instagram.com/mguzten

My VSCO Grid: http://mattiasgustavsson.vsco.co/

Love this kind of light. Early mornings are the best.

Fog is not too bad either. Also early morning before going to work.

Before the leaves fell.

You can get good shots in november, this is late afternoon fog.

Finally a beautiful weekend.


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