Sweat, Pain, and Morals

  Exercising regularly plays an important role in being as healthy as you can be. Ask Travis Rogers; A bodybuilder who has won bodybuilding contests streching from New York to Las Vegas. We talked only for about 20 minutes, but he shared a great deal of knowledge about his passion.

  Travis started bodybuilding during his high school years. He always was into staying in shape, but it wasn't until he began going to a gym and meeting bodybuilders who encouraged him to pursue the sport, that caused him to consider it. As said above, he has won many contests, but if you ask him, he will tell you the greatest reward he recieved as a bodybuilder is the morals it planted in him. He became a more disciplined, structured, and hardworking human being. He explained that It kept him positive as well.

  He has just started a gym that is growing well. You would think he would rest now and just focus on his business, but he plans to enter into more bodybuilding contests that are coming up in 2013. Some of the last words Travis shared was "I loved staying in shape." Travis tried a lot of things, but didn't have the zeal or passion towards those things like he had towards bodybuilding.


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