1. Write a paragraph explaining the company and team - something you can use in email.

Sways is making job searching more efficient and effective by enabling job searchers to better leverage their network and the power of loose connections. Despite still being in tough economic times, most young people have little idea of what they want to do, are unable to network effectively, and often take whatever they can get.
Sways helps organize one's job search by creating a space to organize research, connections, and applications. This allows a job searcher to more effectively communicate what he/she wants when networking with close connections and trying to leverage their network.

Sways completes the job search market by allowing companies to submit projects that exhibits a typical work assignment. This leads to a higher quality applicant that exhibits his/her motivation and skills.

2. Build a single slide on what differentiates you and why you all in (you + investors)

3. Build a 5-10 slide deck


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