Swatches and Kookaburra Illustration

Swatches and Kookaburra Illustration - student project

Swatches and Kookaburra Illustration - image 1 - student project

Had a good time doing the swatches. I am happy with about half of them, but it was a really cool practice to do. Learned a lot and did a couple more after I decided what I wanted to do for the final assignment, but never finished up the page since I was so eager to start so I jumped right into the illustration.

Swatches and Kookaburra Illustration - image 2 - student project

I had loads of fun doing the illustration. Sadly I still do lack a lot of composition skills and wish I would have chosen my color palette a bit more carefully, but overall I do like the outcome. Right now I will move on to other things, but I have the feeling that I will at least take another attempt at a illstration in the future. And I will for sure start a little sketchbook dedicated to patterns!

Thank you Ana for the great class!

Jenny Von Der Osten
Game Artist - Vector Monkey