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Swamp Iguana

Day 1

I have no idea what to draw for this project. So I decided to start with silhouettes. At first it was really hard. Like answering for Rorschach's test. I was not able to see a creature, I just saw a mess. But then I tried this awesome brush. It got me some creepy creatures.

Day 2

Still searching. I used refs of salamander, sirenidae, iguana and plesiosaur. At first I wanted to make a really big hydra-like creature, which lives in deserts. But then I really wanted to add the kind of jowl iguana has.

A study of sirenidae

Day 3

I finally decided what creature to make. It's a long-necked iguana with these stuff (idk how it's called) from sirenidae. 

Day 4

Clearing lineart and colour madness

Day 5


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