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Swamp House

Hello! I'm Nikki, a graphic designer/illustrator in Brooklyn. Excited to start the year off learning something new.

I rarely draw buildings or environments so I thought this course would be a good challenge! I knew I wanted to also include an interesting land for the house to sit on, and I really love a good mysterious isolated cabin/shack.

Here are my inspiration pictures:


And my sketches:


I liked the energy of my sketch and struggled with different approaches in Illustrator to create something I liked as much using simple shapes that would be managable in After Effects.



Finally (at 2 in the morning) it started to come together with imperfect flat shapes and some small details. I think adding a few more details will help pump it up but keeping this simple weird white house as the focal point.

I need to think more about how to animate the panels of the house, I want to have a very slapped together feel. The artwork may need to be adjusted during the animation stage. That will inform how I handle the platform pathway, which needs a bit more work - although I don't want to take away from it's simple, cut away look.


And now, to sleep! Looking forward to sharing this project with you all. 


Dear lord, this was exhausting! Final gif below.




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