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Swallow One's Pride

Since I am having too many troubles uploading images to this site I have condensed them to one. Here are a few prelim sketches and where I am going next with this project. I have been researching old school tattooing and Sailor Jerry the last couple days and it has been leaking into this project. 

Update: Here is the manually rendered version of my assignment. I am working on the computerized version. 

8-3-15 Update: I went to the copy store and got copies, but for the life of me they would not transfer with my blender pen. Maybe I needed darker copies? Anyhow, I just decided to try a texture to get this one out the door. 

8-19-15: My final additon is that of my "Beer Up" sketch. I really enjoyed this class and the techniques introduced. Thanks, Mikey! 






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