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Lorena Garcia




Suzzen, the Botanist

Hi there,

I would like to use my project here to try a new version, in different style, for my already created character Suzzen. As you will see, my drawings focus a lot in the outlines, so I thought it would be great to try this different style and learn about colours and shapes in Adobe Illustrator.

This is my 'Inspiring Illustrations' board on pinterest, though I also find inspiration in the rest of my boards really:

These are some of the first sketches I made for this character:

Finally, the design ended up like this:

And this is my work so far, I am looking forward to starting the new-styled Suzzen in Illustrator!


Day 1

Hi again, this is the sketch I liked the most. I tried to make shapes simple but I guess they still have too much detail. Anyway, I will try to work around this idea :)


Day 2

Hi! I managed to create the shapes and I am quite happy with the result, having in mind that I've always been reluctant to try the pen tool and didn't understand it until now, haha. I'm just missing so much the little details now, I can't wait to keep working on it with Photoshop!


Day 3

It took a while but now I'm quite happy with my rendering in Photoshop. Still missing outlines so much, but I'm starting to like the 'painting' experience. I'm aware that I got over excited with her hair, but I hope that's ok since I really like the result! I struggled a lot at the beginning with getting the right colours for highlights and shadows, I might still change some of them at the final stage.


Day 4

Final details added and after experiencing with colour adjustments I decided to add some saturation and new shades to some areas. I learned so much with this class! I will definitely use this style of illustration along with my regular one.


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