Sustaining Ability - blog on intersection of media and sustainability + book process blog

My Tumblr, Sustaining Ability, started as an extension of a blog I started a few years ago, writing about the intersection of urbanism, sustainability, policy and media. 

This time out, it's also serving as a process blog for a novel I'm writing, helping me pull together influences. That said, I want to give it a sharp look that you wouldn't expect for this kind of blog.

My first influence is Art She Said Pro, which has a clean look and large, Vanity Fair-esque typography, letting images and quotes breathe.

I'll post more images/ideas here shortly. If you're curious about what I've been writing about and/or want to follow, head here:  http://sustainingability.tumblr.com

I'm also open to ideas on visuals, if anyone cares to comment and throw them out!


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