Suspense Project - Guy Bracha


My idea for a narrative project is a superhero/spy comic book arc called "Compass Alliance: genesis." The idea is telling the first adventure of a team containing seven original characters by me.

My protagonist is a superhero called Paladin (AKA Mordechai Ramon); he leads a secret terror-counter squad in NATO's espionage branch.

The inciting incident is that he and his squad went secret operation in Tehran, where they need to kill a nuclear scientist, but they have encountered a new kind of terrorism, armed with an advanced weaponry type. They kill the whole team, except Paladin, who survived the assault with his high reflex skills. During his time at the hospital, he understands that he is now the only living member of the NATO squad who's the only witness of the terrorists' existence. When he returned to the branch, he discovered more people like him in the computer's files: heroes with extraordinary powers.

The story's first plot point is Paladin's journey to draft six of the heroes' names in the files. He's finding them, all the six: the showbiz man Alec Atlas with the electric powers, the mysterious dancer Mia Anski with her abilities to create astral fields, the astronaut Daniel Ox who can breathe in space without a helmet, the photographer and artist Daphne Kariv who's having angel wings sprouting from her back, a western guru named Thorian Kan-Jou who can control water, and the journalist Michael Zucker who's flying at night with a personal jetpack to eliminate crime.

Paladin is bringing all six back to Brussels' NATO headquarters for training and exercise to fight the terrorists.

 Where they're meeting his operator: Mr. Ron Samson, who's notify them about the terrorists who are Paladin encountered them in Iran. They are members of a secret organization called Ozymandias, planning to place bombs at various Western world places.

When Paladin starts to train the new heroes, he encounters difficulties in fights between them and ego battles.

The Mid-point reversal is coming in the form of the Ozymandias' loyalties gathering at their HQ. Their leader: Ramesses, informed his agents that Paladin had survived the ambush in Tehran. He's also telling them that he's found new members to his squad to eliminate them. Ramesses decides to send his right-hand assassin: The Sphinx, with his death squad to kill the Paladin and his new "friends."

Back to Brussels' training lot, they are now taking a break from a hard day of fights. Paladin went outside to think about what will be for his team if they will die at the hands of the people who kill his friends. Mia sees him out, and she decides to talk with him to cheer him up. Mordechai thanks her for the right words, but he starts to believe that it's hopeless for his new team. Suddenly, they hear an alarm; Mordechai and Mia are going back inside. They discovered the Ozymandias' operatives after they killed a few guards in the entry to the complex. They are starting to fight against them, but they are seven operatives against them.

But fortunately, the rest of the team came back to save Paladin and Mia, who's now calling herself Lady Astral. The rest adapted their secret identities: Alec's now called Voltage, Thorian's now Hydro-Zen, Daphne's Guardian Angel, Daniel became The Savior, and Michael adopt the name Mark Venture. The seven now, together with NATO Soldiers, start to fight against the terrorists. The new heroes have begun to beat down the bad guys. Alongside them, the soldiers open fire versus them. When they finish down the last terrorist, they encountered the Sphinx at the branch's control room, who is holding Samson with a gun at his head, and he took him away by teleporting.

At the second plot point, the new team is deciding to follow the Sphinx, and they are finding the Ozymandias' hiding place at Giza, Egypt. The seven are thinking about how to enter the site. They see a breach point near the gate, and to pass the breach, they are beating two armed guards and pass the gate successfully. When they are entering the place, they are shocked to see how big it is, and they are trying to find Samson inside this place and fighting Ramesses.

Suddenly, they find Samson in one of the open rooms, and it turns out that Ron Samson is eventually Ramesses. He captures them and admits that he was disguised as Samson to sabotage NATO by infiltrating. When is Paladin asking him, "What he'll do them?", Ramesses answering them that soon they will be dead.

During their preparation for their execution, the seven heroes are trying to escape out of their cell. Paladin starts to believe that they'll never succeed to escape in time and beat Ramesses. But suddenly, Venture has an idea to exit. They are summing their wardens inside the cell and trick them by telling them that they are not feeling well. They had succeeded in escaping their prison cell, and now they need to stop Ramesses.

The climax of the story is that Ramesses and his loyal Sphinx are starting a countdown for distributing the bombs on time. The duo heard sounds of beating people, and they later discover that the beaters are their seven prisoners. Paladin and his friends start to fight Ramesses and the Sphinx. They are trying to fight them, by a force field created by Ramesses block them, Voltage trying to breach the force field by blasting his electricity powers. Along with mark, hydro Zen, and guardian angel, Savior is trying to put down the Sphinx by fighting him.

Meanwhile, Paladin and lady astral are trying to prevent Ramesses from release the bombs worldwide. They see a red button on the control panel near the villain, so Paladin tries to fight Ramesses while lady astral try to push the button. He sees the heroine try to stop the bombs, so Ramesses captured lady Astral and threatening the team to surrender now. But with luck, lady astral defeating Ramesses by hitting him at his foot. She is pushing the button successfully, which activates the self-destructive function in the headquarters. The heroes escape in peace from the place that's going to be devastated; Ramesses promise the heroes that he'll make them sorry for that.

The Denouement set after the heroes came back to NATO, and they decided that since that moment, they're working together as a team: The Compass Alliance.