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Suspended in time.

Hello everyone,

I go by @yo_double_r on IG. Upcoming photographer outta Fresno California in the Valley. Im #Teamsony using an a5100/iphone 5 where I do my editing with Vsco. Looking to network with other photographers. Just trying to surround myself around people who inspire because I inspire others as well. Yall stay blessed. 

My look up shot. Not massive but it'll work for the look up. Im blessed to have steady hands when it comes to leveling up my shots. took several shots of this building from all angles and I was satisfied with this one. (16-50mm kit lens)

Heres my night shooting. Out infront of a corner liquor store. I got out of work one eveniing and decided to make the time for some night photography. I started exploring an area in my city that I probably never would have if it wasnt for photography. Found this store in the corner that I liked. Took several shots as well and I was satisfied with this one. Hood, dark and light where it needs to be. 1 thing I would've did different is make those lights have them burst affects. (16-50mm kit lens)

Heres my street portrait. Mobbing through downtown one day and posted up right here. Loved the set up just waited patiently for the right person to cross by. I wish i had a 24-25mm or 30mm lens. I think I could've shot it alot cleaner as I zoomed in on this one. Diffinitely could've made my shutter a little faster. (16-50mm kit lens)

Heres my motion shot. This one I definitely enjoyed. With lots of practice you can do some amazing shots and be so creative with it. Posted up downtown and set up my area and just waited for that one. Click! (16-50mm kit lens)


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