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I'm basically overwhelmed, and seek clarity. Funny to use my name as a project cover, but these days it seems it's the only thing I'm sure of! As you will soon see, I'm an artist. I need a spectacular website with all the "good stuff" that will help me get on the grid.

 Right now, I have:

1) an "old school" portfolio website:  


2) a blog:

The original web design (you won't see it) was great, it lasted 10 years everyone loved it. It got old, and in need of updates and I couldnt manage or update it myself.

About 5 years ago, I hired someone to teach me to use wp, and I started a blog. He also reworked my website so I could "better manage the content myself". BIG mistake, honestly I don't think he knew what he was doing, nor did I at the time -so my website now stinks.

So I thought I could make my blog (which started out more "bloggy") serve my needs, and it did for a while.  I reinvented it several times, the current state of my blog is as close to a portfolio look as I could manage... still not what I'm after!

What I understand now, is that what I really need (my goal) is a solid website using a portfolio theme. I favor the wp theme Evermore, and my current host supports word press. At the moment I'm about to jump into the technical aspects of starting the website, which is like translating a foreign language  without a guide.

I know I can do this just need feedback and guidance. I look forward to meeting my goal, seeing everyone's projects, and helping them meet their goals!



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