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Surreal victorians

I wanted to create a victorial culture where people developed new ways of transportation.

Stilts instead of shoes. Wings instead of bicicles. You get the point.

I imagine lots of small, moving, carefully crafted metal parts, connecting larger pieces of armor. Decorated to show off there wealth.

I am curious how they will end up! 

Ok, I refined some of the thumbnails. Feedback is welcome :)

Thank you everyone for the lovely feedback. It's truely humbling to read your comments .:)

for the 3rd fase I cheated a little. Instead of doing a couple of variations on one character I decided to take 3 characters and define enough details for the detailing fase.

To start off thank you for the feedback! I totally agree that the original idea got lost in the previous fase. Unfortunatly I noticed after I uploaded it. It took a while to on the design due to schoolwork, but I think I am getting close enough for the final stage. Maybe the idea was to ambitious, but I want to make the best out of it!  The first 2 versions are my favourite, the others are spontanious ideas. I was curious what she would look like in Asia, or as a more steampunk character. for the final stage I'd maybe like to change her pose though.

Feedback is welcome!  thank you.


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