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Surreal Sydney

I started this project by going back and digging through some of my favorite travel photos. I opted to start with a photo overlooking Sydney Harbour and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, as this gave a good mix of architecture and sky. 

I had quite a few issues with Photoshop Touch crashing and eventually corrupting my final file (thankfully I was able to recover the .psdx file and import it into Photoshop CS6 to export the final .jpg), so unfortunately I don’t have screenshots of my workflow.

Here's the original raw photo: 

I then went back to my photo collection in search of another photo I could use for the "big sky" portion -- something with a large cluster of heavy clouds. I landed upon a shot I took a few years ago overlooking San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge, which, in typical San Francisco fashion, had a perfect batch of clouds to add as an additional layer. 

Here's the raw photo that I used for the clouds: 

I began layering, fading, and adjusting the color balance of these clouds to get a uniform look across the sky above the bridge. After coming up with the best combination of coloring and cloud layering, I decided to take the surrealism one step further. I created an additional layer of just the water and tweaked the color balance until it produced a vivid, teal color that balanced out the yellows, pinks, and oranges of the sky.

The final result:

This class was a fantastic way to gain inspiration in taking a creative twist on mobile photography. I’m back on the lookout for unique textures, skies, clouds, etc. to add to my collection for any future photos, as I’ve now seen how much they can add to an existing photo.

Having followed Chuck’s work for years now, I loved learning a bit more about his workflow on mobile projects.

Thanks, Chuck & Skillshare!

Bonus Photo:


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