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Surreal Flowers

First it was a case of setting the subject up; in my flat there was two vases so bringing the flowers together to make more of an arrangement with more within was required.
After it was a case of putting the black cloth down and photographing the flowers. Which can be seen below.

Then the fun of Photoshop comes into play, cropping, rotating and editing the colours to become surreal and abstract. I also made sure the background was all black by tidying up a few spots.

By adjusting the flowers to get the best merge and fill on the square took a few tries till I was happy but then after altering the saturations on the layers and lighting.
On the left we have the colours of what the flowers were pretty much but made more vivid and bolder and on the opposite side I have adjusted the Colour Balance of the individual RGB settings to make it yellow and blue.

What I enjoyed most was how free I was to just play, if I didn't like something just step back or delete and start over till I got results I was happy with.


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