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Hi everyone!

The most diffucult part of choosing the right poster is behind (seriously, there are tons of outstanding vintage posters and ads, I was confused and amused at the same time). I have decided to choose SURF'S UP poster because I fell in love with the color pallette and the slogan itself. Also there are different kinds of shapes and forms that I can practice on. 

Can't want to start outlining basic shapes. Palm tree is the only shape that is really scaring me, but will see what happens when I actually start doing it. 

Wish me luck! I will try to post as often as I can :)


Ok. So far I have finished with outlining shapes (mostly using Blob Brush Tool) and filling them with colours. Some shapes are clearly not as accurate as on the poster e.g. palm tree or mountain landscape, but I am pretty satisfied with the overall look. 

Next part will be to add text and texture to the picture & add more colors I guess.

26/05 - (2)

So, I have tried to look all over the internet to find these fonts, but all of them were buy-only. I have decided to find most similar free fonts and re-edit them manually where needed. 

This is what I got. Pretty similar but something's off. Next step will be to add textures.

27/05 -Final steps

Last thing that I have done is adding some gradient to the sand and adding Retro textures and filters in order to make poster look more vintage and old.

This is the result I got (not what I expected but still looks vintage-ish):

What are your thoughts? )


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