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Hello everyone!


So, today I have started this course and I am really excited of what I will come up in the end. 

Now is the end of May, and summer is coming so I could not come up with better idea for brainstorming than 'Surfing'. I have never tried it to be honest, but I am going to Israel and Indonesia later this year, so it will be a motivation for me to get started as well.

This is how I have tried to expand this idea and find some associations to make this concept more full.

After that I have lookef through Pinterest in order to find some inspirational photos, colors and graphics. Some of them I have managed to make into the collages that are below. 

Looks so bright! Love it:)

Next step was to create some rough sketches based on what inspires me. I have a little experience with sketching and drawing so don't be judgemental. I have tried to come up with some basic and not only symbols that can be put into the pattern or illustration later on.

Due to poor lightning and low quality iPhone camera, sketches look not so appealing, but you got the idea:)


After lots of thoughts I have chosen several sketches that I want to include un my pattern. I have taken a photo of it and then vectorised it using imae trace + blob brush tool. 

In order to get them coloured, I have used my moodboard and blend options to create some imilar colours. This is the end result:

Following step I have added some textures and patterns to the shapes.


Next lesson was to learn some repeats methods. These what I came up with (just for practice purposes)


Here are my final results:


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