Surfing - and why you should give it a try!

Here's the link to my (4-minute-ish) presentation: https://youtu.be/lnL7cYJ1JjY

I started surfing 9 years ago and surfing, to me, is more than just a fun sport. There are so much more one could learn from paddling out. I'd like to share some of the lessons I've learned with you.

1. You DO NOT need to be in control all the time - It's okay to feel powerless sometimes.

2. The ocean is a living, breathing thing and it needs your respect. - There are all kinds of awesome animals (our friends) living in the ocean and I'd like to invite you to help our friends protect their home.

3. Stay focus  - We have to keep our eyes on in-coming waves.  Otherwise, you'll miss the good waves or find yourself getting crushed by big waves because you didn't see it coming.

4. Try harder - Sometimes, you think you caught a wave but it'll just roll right under you because you didn't paddle enough. Try to do 2 more paddles then stand up.  Try harder & exceed your own expectations.

5. Respect other surfers.  - There are a whole set of surf rules that everyone who paddles out should learn before they go out. 

6. Cheer on other surfers. - Surfing is one of the very few sports where if someone catches a good wave, you'll hear other surfers cheering them on.  It's just so exciting to see other people on a wave having fun, so be happy for others.

I hope you'll give surfing a try and I'd love to hear your story.



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