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Surfer Dude (one Ink)


So this one is for the contest. After so much thinking that didn't end up no where, I started doing my phrases that I can turn to a tee design. 

My mood board:

Mad scientist
Adventure at every angle
Surfer dude

I decided to go with surfer dude. I am somehow so detached from the vintage style. I tried but I din't get anywhere with that. So went on with my style. 

I assembled all my elements to understand what my final pic will look like: The fonts, elements. 

First I tried making my boundry, a box that is formed by the word "surfer"


Then I placed a surfboard, surfer and a wave. I thought it would be cool to add the word "dude" to the surf board. So I did that. The guy is an inspiration from "silver surfer - fantastic four". I was sure I wanted a guy in my tee looking into the "Boxer" Tee showed in the class. 


After that I scanned my pictures and traced in illustrator. Tried various colors on a black tee



I liked all the 4. And the yellow one too. So If you can, do suggest which color whould you like :)???

Hoping you enjoyed my project. Cheers :) 

Updated to make the Dude Visible :) 

improvised Version :)


My previous Project: 


I wanted to do a ladies t-shirt. so I was looking for something that is related to girls and fashion. I came accross this phrase "its raining shoes". I decided to work on it. 

So then I googled to see if there are any illustrations out there. Decided on the elements i want in my t shirt. 

 I started with drawing a few variety of shoes and an umbrella. Scanned and edited it using illustrator. 

I used 4 colors for my picture. A nice red, yellow, white and black. 


Out of the two i loved the 2nd one and made a mock up of it 


I hope you like it. 

My doubt was this is not vintage but hand drawn. It doesn't show much on the t-shirt.


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