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Tom Sain

Art Dir., Designer, Animator, Artist



Surfer Dood Character Design

I'm excited to be in this online class. I've been wanting to try more online things like skillshare and codecademy — so I'm just doing it! I'm making the next couple of months the summer of character design as this is one of two classes I'm working on for character design and illustration. I hope to progress by dunking myself in the deep waters for awhile.

I draw and paint abstractions, stylized landscapes and love to do cartoon illustrations. I've been a designer for many years, both exhibit and graphic and now a creative director in advertising. I love this kind of work and admire the skills involved.

Check out the pinterest board link below — I tend to like a quirky and artistic bent, as opposed to a clean, realistic, highly finished style.

Tonight, just sketching out a rough idea and testing blue pencils so far — maybe it'll be a surfer with a pirate style.

It's nice to see everyone's work on here. Very nice! Good job gang!

I like to see other artists' process, so here's my character with just the vector outlines.

My shapes in PS. Watched the rendering videos and learned some new things about Photoshop! Thanks Matt!

Here's the final render.


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