Thurs, August 8th 2013
Using my previous vector file as a base I have started sketching up the same type lock up but making small changes to the shapes of the letterforms. I'm going to give this another go! I'll obviously just copy and paste from my previous attempt any letters that I already liked.

Sun, August 4th 2013
I've had a go at tweeking some of the elements I didn't like and adding some finishing touches. I'm still not 100% happy with it, so i'll probably go back to the drawing board (with some tracing paper) and rework some of the forms with the good old pencil.

Sun, July 14th 2013
I've started vectorizing it. As you can see I'm still working on a few components and have annotated what I need to fix. Let me know if there's anything you think I could do to fix it up a bit more.


Thu, Jul 11th 2013

I wanted to recreate a mate's nickname in a way that would fit with his 'surfie' image. I've tried to make it a hybrid of a few styles of type/lettering; graffiti, signwriting and scripts. Graffiti to make it look fresh and rebellious (and like it is aligned with skate/surf style). I also wanted to borrow visual cues from signwriting (particularly the tapering of the stroke) and script styles to give it that energy and vigour that you would expect from surfing.

Any feedback would be awesome!

Below are some of my influences:


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