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Surface Pattern Workshop - March 2016

My third topic was dim sum. Trying to combine a mix of using live trace and drawing. Still finding the wacom tablet really difficult to use! 


Task 4 - 2 Zen pattern 

This was quite fun putting all the different illustrations into little motifs!This was the original one I made:


This one I made with a smaller print and the recoloring function:


Task 4 - Coffee pattern

Oh... I struggled with this part. I don't feel the illustrations make much sense together. However still wanted to at least practice the process of putting everything together and playing around with colors. I could see these maybe as pattern, but definitely not a focal pattern! Will keep practicing! 


this is a smaller version wiht all the illustrations inside the coffee stain: 

I got the stripes... but it doesn't seem like I moved the square behind it though 


A different color pallette and size



Task 3 - 2

Things are starting to get a little bit more easy :) Even feel comfortable using some of the shortcut keys without looking at the cheat sheet!


Task 3: 

Definitely far behind now, but managed to play around a bit with getting the sketches into illustrator. Tried tracing using the Wacom tablet (hard!!) and also trying the image trace which resulted in some rough drawings which i kind of liked (like the coffee mug). Not liking the colors much, so will keep playing. But it's really cool to see something i sketched look like a real illustration! 



Hi all, my name is Oi-Lin and I'm a market researcher by day and trying to be more creative by night :)

I don't have much experience in drawing and sketching but really eager to learn. Everytime I rewatch Bonnie's videos on Illustrator, it makes a little more sense! And I definitely feel empowered to just start and see where it all takes me. I was telling my friend about this workshop and she made a really funny connection. Basically in my daily job I look for trends and patterns in behaviors and in data and I remember as a little girl being fascinated by patterns and trying to see 'where the repeat' began! Now it's time to add the creative element to it! 

I think the three very different topics I've chosen probably shows how I'm just starting my creative journey. I picked three topics that are quite close to me: 

1) Dim sum (food! and being of Chinese origin it's a real family gathering which is very important to me)


2) Zen (I live in a flat with no outdoor space, luckily I live near a botanical garden where it's just beautiful to walk around and get away from busy city life)


3) Coffee (I LOVE coffee and have an unhealthy obsession with watching videos on how to make great coffee and latte art)



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