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Surface Pattern Designs

Pattern #1: Wildflower

Here's the inspiration board for my first pattern, wildflower. These are all photos I've taken in the Rocky Mountains. 

Key words: Bright, sunny, fresh, summer, perennial, daily, wild rose, mountains, wild, purple, yellow, green, fresh.


Growing free and wild, these flowers return each spring. The bright colors shimmer in the summer sun as they soak up the glistening rain and cool mountain air.

Inspiration Board


Sketches, Draft 1:



Pattern #2: Wilderness

Keywords: wild, rugged, wooded, pine, evergreen, woods, camping, isolated, bark, cabin


The heavily wooded wilderness is an isolated place that lets you connect with your inner self. Deep in the forest the wildlife roam, the air is cool and crisp and you can be alone with your thoughts.

Sketches, Draft 1:



Pattern #3: Farm Fresh

Keywords: fruits, veggies, stands, farmer, jams, jellies, denim, rustic, jars, baskets, fresh, home grown

Farm Fresh

The family farm is a wonderful place to be raised. Caring for plants and livestock as a way of life teaches the young at heart to care deeply about something bigger than themselves.

Online inspiration board:

I'd like to take my own photos before finalizing this collection, but given the time frame I decided to use this Pinterest board. 

Sketches, Draft 1



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