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Surf Witch

My name is Robert, and I like video games.
Video games are pretty delightful, right? They're all full of game stuff and fun and sometimes you can make them if you take a class! Like I am! Yay!

And for my first game, I present SurfWitch.

This was SurfWitch. A sordid tale of a witch, a missile, and her need to surf it.

This was the state of the game before I took this class:

And this is it after the first week of lessons

In fact, if you click that image, you can see it in motion, and by motion I mean the particle effects do some things and stuff. Unfortunately the eyeballs don't have any animations attached to them: They have the skeletons for it, but no wiggly eyestalks for a while I think.

Let's see what next week brings.

Next Week Turned Out To Be A Month!

We can blame that mostly on life, school, work, and a poorer time management skills than I thought I had. In the end, not only did I wind up getting set back an entire month, but I also largely forgot everything and had to scale almost everything back!

So, SurfWitch got shelved while I decided to putz around with a bunch of side projects to practice with. This week dealt with learning how to use play maker at all, therefore I decided it'd be a good time to put together a crummy planet simulation.

A thing I've found I'm still not comfortable with is, well, anything involving art assets. I'm somewhat art deficient and programing is my large focus, and designing a level is a thing I've though about but I've yet to commit to any sole design just yet without ambition making it a mess.

So this week I rotated some balls around a bigger ball and "Oohed" and "Aaahed" a bit at the way light and reflections worked.

The goal is to have this course finished before May 17th, when #PDJam starts up. So I think I'll dwell a bit on this section and flesh it and the next out before that time comes.

The next update shoud feature a real game hopefully, even if it's just pong. 


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