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Surf Princess Harli

Okay, so, rather than basing my Princess on any of my friends/family I decided to instead go with one of my main characters, Harli

She's a surfer so I wanted to have her gown be evokative of the waves. I also wanted to carry across some of her traits, both physical and personality. 


Lately I've been drawing a lot using two coloured pencils, a blue for the character's form and red for clothes etc, just to help keep the shapes/form clear as I add detail. 

I tried to maintain a few things about her usual look such as the rounder face/cheeks and the side braid. Drawing the hairstyle was a bit of a trial-and-error disaster before I settled on this half-up-hybrid-thing.

She's also quite a confident character (or at least presents herself that way) so I wanted to try and mix that with the grace of a Princess, going with a sort of "excuse me, I gotta go" posture and side-glance.


When I inked the picture I took a moment to tweek a few things, like her left arm which is now moving away from the camera, adding to the subtle urgency of her movement.


Keeping with the idea of a wave-inspired dress I chose a pallet of aqua/cool blue/sea green with a little cool grays for details.
The skirt of the dress is meant to sort of flow and ripple down to the train where a fluff/rumply white trim gives the appearance of a crashing wave.
I wanted to keep the rest of the dress very simple, making it so one could almost imagine Her removing the skirt to reveal a one-piece or wetsuit incorporated into the bodice. The wide choker is also meant to evoke the collar of a wet-suit.

Anyway, that's my Princess. I may try again. 

I will definitely carry over some of the things I've learned into my regular drawing.


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