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Surf Cleveland Shirt

I know this tutorial is intended for logo design and lettering, but I took this class to help me improve my lettering abilities for a shirt design I'm working on for a local surf shop. (After doing design and illustration in undergrad, but pursued fine arts for my MFA, I'm rusty with the Adobe Suite) However, my first love is typography and design...and I can't stop myself from pursuing both, my painting and lettering.

Enough of my rambling...This is the initial design that I just sent to the shop owner and graphic designer. The colors are not finalized, and the design has the potential to change too, but the only direction I received upfront is to do a graffiti-style logo. Lastly, CLE stands for Cleveland, Ohio. Although we don't have an ocean, we surf the lakes!

I look forward to any and all feedback.

All my best,


PS...I'm also doing the 365-day lettering/omatype challenge. Feel free to follow my progress on Instagram: @nubtron


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