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I see myself as a reliable person, someone who is dependable and family/friends tell me that all the time. With a bit of eccentric on the side. My bookbag to me, symbolizes everything about me. I can bounce back from just about anything and I am more than what meets the eyes. My backpack carries everything that I need and without it I’d be lost. So to sum it all up, I can withstand the test of time, to be flexible, and have more room to learn, play, to do just about anything. I might look like I’ve been through the grinder a few times but inside holds a whole other world full of treasures and more.


I came up with this concept because the other day someone told me that I stay with a bookbag. It’s true because its durable, it can hold tons of things that a purse’s just better. I see myself as that, someone who you can open up to and lift some of the burden you might have.


For the design, I wanted a classic feel. It’s a standard pack, that will still be around ages to come. I wanted it to look like a sketch, for a rougher affect. I didn’t want to overpower it with color so I did the word “Reliable” in a calm green to give it something extra. The button on the bag is in a shade of red, that doesn’t induce rage or anything but it stands out and thats what I wanted. The two colors work well with the black and white Sketch. The bag in general has some of the things that I actually done to mine, for instance the writing of my initials and the japanese kanji at the bottom. It shows my interests about language and culture but also shows that I like books and music. It has a little bit of everything, and thats what I try to learn and have...a little bit of everything.



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