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Support your local dive bar

Buffalo, NY: we're known for chicken wings, our football team that nobody ever seems to give up on, and our 4 am bar closing times- cheers!

Everybody's favorite-or should be- place to be by 4 am is an eclectic, little purple building painted with green & yellow flames, snowflakes, & a lightening bolt or two. A "dive bar", The Old Pink is an Allentown staple. With its eccentric crowd, red lit interior, graffitied bathrooms & best steak sandwich the city of Buffalo has to offer, many say you either get it or you don't. I get it. If you ever find yourself in Buffalo stop by & get it for yourself. 

I was asked to design a shirt by the owner, and knowing her love for flamingos, hence The Old "Pink" I knew that my design was going to be based around just that. Forget a regular ol' flamingo- they're far too normal for the quirkiness this bar oozes- but a two-headed one should suffice. 

Knowing what I was going to base my crest on I did some research/inspiration & sketches:


I'm really fond of the linear-ness of each of these crest-type logos. 


Gawky looking things, really. 

Anyways, made my two headed flamingo based off an image of an actual flmaingo- naturally.


Then I created the shape I wanted to use as my shield element, played with making some laurel though I don't use it in my final, and make a nice little banner.


I ended up with my base logo. I noticed when scaling down some of the detail in the beak got lost so I opened it up so it wouldn't happen. 


I decided to add a linear type wave element as the bottom of the shield. This relates to the history of Buffalo as Buffalo connects the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and beyond via the Erie Canal. In fact, the history of Erie County's 4 am bar closing time lies within Buffalo's once booming steel industry and it's second shift workers. They would usually work until 1-2 am so bars and restaurants would stay open late so they too could have after work happy hours, ect. 


Then I played around with type:


Last but not least-color:





Some mockups:


Realistically, a bartender would never be able to keep a light blue shirt clean so I did a more practical black version. 



Feedback is greatly apprecieated, thanks for looking!


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