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Superstition by Stevie Wonder

Just to keep my thoughts and everything organized, I decided to use the example song we were given in the class.  I've never really mixed a record that had live instruments in the song so this was pretty fun and challenging.  Using some of the tips that Guru gave us, it made the mix a lot better than any song I've ever done on my own.

First things first, I had to organize everything.  It helps me to make sure that everything is color coordinated so that I don't get too lost.

It's time to start working on the kick.  I created a bus send and created a sine wave on the bus track. 

After that it was time to add in the other instruments and set the pans and EQ.  Instead of setting up my drums at a drummers perspective, I wanted to do it from the listeners.  For the other instruments, I did it looking off of an orchestral diagram and just by how things sounded.  For the bass, I just wanted it to be heard because in some songs, you can't really tell that there is a bass going on and I wanted to showcase that with everything because I think the bass is pretty important.

To make the recording my own, or to do something different, instead of leaving the lead guitar dry, I added an amp to it and changed the settings around to give it a different sound.

I liked the horns sound already so I left them as is and went to the vocals.  The vocals were EQ'd, compressed and reverbed.  I also added a vocal ride and it really brought the vocals together so that they didn't get lost in the loud parts of the instrumentation.

At the end of the mix, I added an EQ to the master bus to enhance the sound and I also added a limiter.  One because I really like doing that and 2 because it's sort of a safety net for clipping.

That's it.  Here are the 2 recordings.  One without it being mixed, and the other mixed.  Let me know what you think!




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