Superpower: Learning

My motivation to be a SuperLearner comes from the realization that my wish from 20 years ago - to be "the busiest and most productive 'old lady' you've ever seen" - is coming true (though I wouldn't classify myself an old lady at 45. Yet.) While I may have been striking out in all sorts of directions in my 20's but not really maintaining sincere focus upon one specific direction, my meandering path has actually brought me to a great place in life. I am in a great profession doing creative work (Graphic Design) while having the confidence finally to be in 3 bands at once; singing, performing and taking stabs at writing music.

But there's the rub. If I was doing all of this activity in my 20's, I would have the stamina and sharp mental abilities of a Twenty-something. I may be older and wiser now in my 40's, but I also tire quicker and my memory, which was never razor-sharp, is declining with age (along with my joints and eyesight, but I digress). It's all good though! I knew there was a learning/memory/retention solution out there for me, and I'm determined to improve my skills in all areas!

My goals are:

1. By September 2, 2015 (my b-day), I will have increased my speed reading rate to 700 wpm with 80% retention. According to Staples, my rate now is around 400 wpm. Hopefully I will exceed 700 wpm, but the real goal is to improve my memory and retention skills. I want to be able to quickly read articles relating to the industry I work in, manuals/blogs/articles about technology and the social issues I am interested in, the benefit being that if I can read stuff quicker, then I'll have time to read more stuff. This will give me the ability to confidently join discussions at work and in social situations, to be able to contribute facts, statistics and a perspective gained from all of this wonderful information available to us. 

2. By October 2015 I will have continued to increase my speed reading rate and will test these new skills by moving past the Beginner stage of learning 2 new languages - French and Portuguese - and into Intermediate language reading and writing courses.

3. By September, 2015 I will practice my SuperLearning techniques by trying to learn music theory! That should be fun.

4. Again with the music focus, I'm really hoping that a greater ability for memory and retention will result in an increased ability to recall iconic bands' music discographies. Let's say that by December, 2015 I will be able to list 10 iconic bands' discographies - album titles, track lists and one interesting fact about the recording of each album. I'm sure that increased exposure to this information will also yield the ability to remember melodies from each track on each album when the song title is stated.

5. My other intention is to seek a new position in a different industry, at a manager or Art Director level. This one is big, so I want these new learning skills to prep me for researching new companies, new industries, and technology, and I want to have greater focus and confident management skills.

That's it for now. Exciting stuff. Good luck, everyone!


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