"Superhero" in Fantasy World (Sketching the body with shapes)

Note: I WOULD LOVE SOME FEEDBACK! I can take critique, and for me it is what makes my learning most effective. So Patrick, fellow classmates, help me to learn, find suggestions on how I can improve and I will try to do the same for you! :) (not Patrick...he doesn't need my suggestions lol).

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Hi!! My project is going to be based around a character that I thought up some time ago, and he's still very much in the development phase, but I will give a little intro anyways. His story takes place in a medieval/fantasy type world. All the gods of this world have turned to evil except one, and this character (yeah he doesn't have a name yet) is sent by that god to protect the world from being devastated by the wicked gods and their minions. I guess I think of him as sort of an angellic being, although he has a physical body and is mortal. He fights undead, priests, and dark angels sent from the other gods using a sword and some magical abilities. 

Here is the first drawing I ever did of him, quite some time ago...I think my skills have improved since.

Sketching the body with shapes

Here is a drawing I did for the first lesson of the class. I just wanted to start off this project thing so this is all for now, but there will be more to come! Right now I'm focusing on anatomy so I didn't bother with an outfit for now. Reference used: 


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Haven't updated in forever...life's busy but I have done some pose practice. Apologies for the cruddy scans.

Poses from some stock photos on dA. Credit for stock references:




I love that people put time into making references for artists. However, I ran into an issue where I couldn't find a lot of "true" action poses, for example, I would find a photo of someone in a running pose, but the pose was clearly being held for the camera with no actual motion happening. There were some happy exceptions though.

*Urk* so stiff...I discovered that being an action movie fan isn't enough to know how to draw convincing sword-fighting poses. I found some pics from a cool martial art called Angampora so I used some ideas from that.

I'm quite proud of this one as it's totally from my head :)

Self assessment: I think I went about this rather the wrong way. I focused heavily on getting perfect anatomy rather than acheiving motion, which is what I'm actually trying to learn in this class. Most of these are pretty stiff. I think what I really need is to do a lot of gesture studys and not let myself labor over the fine details of anatomy. That's another reason I think this last drawing is the most successful. It was fairly quick and I didn't have a photo so I couldn't worry too much about getting it picture perfect. When I get to my final drawing hopefully I will have found a way to strike a balance between detail and motion. I think I will try some posemaniacs tomorrow.


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