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Serban Cosmin

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Superhero & Hannibal

Hi Patrick,

First off I'm a huge fan, seen your scarface tutorial at least 20 times, so seeing the whole process spelled out here was awesome.

Now about my project... my end goal is to make a full action composition, but figured I should practice first on some different parts and figure out how to make it work for me. Here's my first go, made a portrait shot of someone on reddit who wanted to be a superhero. Next time I'll try and save more steps. Here's the initial sketch:

Figured out what I wanted to do, thought about colors, so started inking, here's a shot of what I could get done:

Now looking at it, I can see the eyes were wrong plus a couple of things, but yeah, went with it.

Here's the final design:

Would have loved if you could put in the hex codes of the colors you've used for the skin tones, would have been helpful.

The most problems I've had were on the chest and cape, where I didn't know how to make it look textured, or detailed for that matter. The cap is awful, I couldn't figure out how to make it have depth, or texturing it as a fabric.

Any kind of constructive criticism is more than welcomed, would appreciate if you could point out what I could have done differently to improve it (also I'm not really happy about the buttons holding the cape, maybe try the lasoo and gradient on them too).



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