Supercharge Your Motivation and Make Exercise Fun!

Supercharge Your Motivation and Make Exercise Fun! - student project

7 Steps to Find Your Motivation and Commitment to Daily Exercise

This class we will show you simple steps to more energy and confidence to do more of what you want, focusing on motivation, commitment, and overcoming hurdles to start and keep going on your fitness journey.

Maybe you are not a gym rat, maybe you are a gym mouse, who gets intimidated and scared, but want to be stronger, feel better, look younger and live longer. Fitness doesn't have to be difficult and it can be enjoyable when you find the right reasons and the perfect workouts to get you in shape.

Let's find your why, that will help you get over your fears and make your fitness journey exciting and fun. We will defeat your biggest obstacles that hold you back and rebuild your confidence for a happier and healthier life. 



Use the skills you learned in the class and the printable worksheets with the questions to identify your why your obstacles standing in your way and the solutions to defeat them. 

Post your specific goals, your motivation to work toward them and your pledge to commit to 15 minutes of movement every day for the next 30 days. This will make you accountable to your classmates. Your story, motivation, and commitment will inspire others to make changes. Post a motivational quote and picture.

Your project should include the following:

What is your why? - What will motivate you to get in shape? - When will you exercise? - Where and what type of exercises will you do?

Remember to make your goals specific! 

Finally,  print out the 30-day calendar and mark every day with the movement you did.

Write me a note in the comments or email me if you need help or have questions. [email protected]

Also, you can download the "Finding Your Why" chapter of my book, "Are You a Gym Muse?" at 

 Class outline:

Agi Kadar
Heath and Fitness Expert, Author