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Maddy B.




Superbowl Sunday Desserts

Superbowl sunday was fast approaching and although I didn't want to watch the game, I DID want delicious snacks.  So my friend and I decided to ditch the game and start baking.  Conveniently enough, my friends favorite dessert in the whole world is Tiramisu so this was definitely the dessert for us!

Things started off well with our batter here!


To bake, we decided to bake our lady fingers in one big shape instead of smaller ones and it ended up working well.  We cut it into pieces that fit our pan perfectly and we were happy with the the one piece bake!  (We did realize after we took it out that we had forgotten th powdered sugar, but they were good anyway.)




After cutting the pieces we layered with the filling and then let it sit in the fridge for about a day. 


And here is the final product!  It was our first attempt at such an involved dessert and we think we did a pretty good job.  It looked pretty good, it tasted delicious and we didn't burn a thing. Thansk for putting together this class!!





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