Nancy Herrmann

Creative Director and Packaging Designer



SuperLearning for Creativity

I'm so excited about taking this course! The biggest problem for avid learners like myself, is that there aren't enough hours in the day. Plus, I love and need my sleep. What to do, what to do?

Become more efficient and effective with the time I do have. Certainly, I want to read faster and become fluent in languages, who doesn't. And, my biggest life goal, is to use my superlearning ability for creative good–vanquishing bad design, inspiring others and exploring the world while doing it.

  1. By July 31st, I will double my reading speed to 450wpm [currently at 238wpm] with over 80% comprehension [currently at 91%] so that I can to easily indulge my love for books both fiction and non-fiction, as well as work documents, proposals. For example, I will be able to read Ernest Hemingway’s 500pg book, Death in the Afternoon, in under 8 hours.
  2. By July 31st, I will have increased my capacity to store and recall visual imagery, thus drastically improving my output as a creative director and designer. Not quite sure how to measure this. How about this: each week create one full-page mood board within two hours. Doing this quickly and effectively will also help me free up time for more recreational pursuits.
  3. By Sept 15th, I will triple my original reading speed to 700wpm with over 80% comprehension (for the above reasons).
  4. By Sept 15th, I will be able to quickly digest material so that I can easily master and teach new skills. Since I’m a learning junkie, this will allow me to efficiently write and produce one new Skillshare course in four weeks. My first course “Kickstart Your Creativity: Introduction to Mood Boards,” took me 8 weeks to produce.
  5. By Dec 15, I will increase my French reading, writing, listening and speaking ability sufficiently to pass both DELF B1 & B2 exams with a score in the 85 percentile. Despite the eight years of adult lessons and high school French, I still feel I am only passable at this language. Certainly, I want to be competent for everyday situations. More importantly, I want to be proficient at a business level, so I can understand and communicate in the areas of marketing, design, art, culture and fashion.

Really!? This list could go on and on. I’ll leave it at five for now and create a new list of goals once these are complete.

Good luck to my fellow SuperLearners!


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