Super-size me!

Super-size me! - student project

Hey folks! 

Thanks for you interest in my class... Photoshop Compositing Made Simple

Super-size me! - image 1 - student project

Here is the project in a nutshell... we are taking Sam out of the picture on the left and turning him into a giant super-hero complete with Thor's helmet and a cape on the right. It is a great way to really bring out the personality and character of a person in a fun way.

But, let's face it... compositing can be tricky and a lot of times "something just doesn't seem right" but you don't really know what is wrong. So you end up messing around with the image hoping that you fix the problem, but you are really just guessing. With the LENS system, I give you four easy to remember areas to focus on to make sure that you fool the eye. 

Here are the four parts of the LENS system:





The principles are easy to understand, but it takes time to become skilled in applying them... so the best thing I would suggest is playing around and having fun. Play is often the best teacher.

Make up some crazy projects and just be wild. When you are done, post them here so we can enjoy them, and don't get caught up in comparing your work with others... this is a place for learning and growth, so let's see what you can come up with

I look forward to seeing your work!


Pete Collins

Photoshop Instructor, Photographer, Artist