Super Smooth and ....

Super Smooth and .... - student project

I was so excited to see this class.  First I think I have a crush on Aaron, maybe it's the name or the fact he is Polish and from Detroit (my husband is both) nope, it's because he's is inspiring and doesn't take himself too seriously.  This class was timely because I am in a Logo and Lettermark class in design school right now.  So I wanted the fist few videos got inspired and reworked a project for school.  I plan to work on something else soon and finish watching all the videos.  

I really loved how Aaron kept making coping of his design moving it over and then keep reworking it.  It is great for demonstration purpose for us taking the class but also for me as I manpulate so that I can see pieces I might wan to go back too.  I didn't do a great job of it on this piece but I did in my next which I did for a different class.  I can't wait to finish this class and create soon more pieces.  This is just the beginning.  Thank you Aaron.  

Super Smooth and .... - image 1 - student project