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Andrew Smith

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Super Powers // Poetry Zine


I've been doing art since high school. By art I mean a combination of drawing and poetry. My senior year of high school I started my career in graphic design and since have been trying to find a way that combines my words with my images. 


As I was watching this course and thinking of subject matter for my zine, I thought "What if I illustrated one of my poems!?" And thus my zine was born. Here are photos of the penciled draft. With the suggested time limit I wasn't abel to ink it. I'll post more photos once that's done. Enjoy!




When I was a boy
I thought in order to be a man
I had to wear tights
with my underwear on the outside
and not tell anyone my real name
(in order to protect the innocent)

I thought I had to be bit
by some kind of radioactive whatever
or come from outer space
or have my parents die
at a young age

But I have found
that you don’t need superpowers
to save the day
and sometimes villains come
in less spectacular ways
and sometimes the damsel
isn’t in distress
she just wants to be saved




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