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Super Pig

I had a great time working this class project. I don't believe myself that I came up with these concepts. I have been learning so much that I never implemented my studies into practise. When this project pushed me to do just that, I loved the output. So thank you, Lisa. 

I am proud of this as this is my first "100% myself" atwork I did. So yes, I started by reading the creative brief and composed my mail to the editor:


Next, I started developing ideas that can be put in cover. So I came up with 2 as follows:


I tried the chibi look on the pigs. 2 sad pigs and 1 pig furious with the wolf and the wolf is in a happy moond seeing the pigs like that. I felt they arise the curiosity of what the wolf did that the pigs are sad and furious. It didn't disclose much information from the story. I felt that could be inriguing to the kids. 

My second concept is totally different


I was thinking on the recent trends in the kid world. Even Lego man is now a superhero. So I tried transofrming the smart pig to a super pig. The villain should be equally powerful too. So I made the wolf to a super wind wolf too. The other two pigs are safe behind the super pig. I think the concept is qite modern and it would grab the attention of kids easily. 

 i decided to take the second illustration to the next level, coloring and finalising. My end result looks like this.


I hope you enjoyed my project :)


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