Super Novice Project Attempt

Super Novice Project Attempt - student project

Snowboard theme and I only have very  basic physical resources. My first ever project on skillshare and first time trying to act on my new found love and interest for design! Not yet comfortable on any digital platforms but I would like to try someday. These are the finals I came up with. Don't yet have the patience and tennacity to make something perfect, and my reference sketches and mock ups are no more than doodles really. But I enjoyed trying a workshop as a beginner with much to learn. Any tips, or advice on how to get started would be most welcome! There will be countless..
Super Novice Project Attempt - image 1 - student projectSuper Novice Project Attempt - image 2 - student projectSuper Novice Project Attempt - image 3 - student project

Hope to continue drawing and using the ideas learnt on this course. Thanks for the inspiration to try and make something Tom!