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Week 4 - Radical RoadKill 64

For this week I wanted to try out a new varaiant to the Doodle Jump Mechanics. Instead of playing as the jumping avatar, I choose the player to be the platform and hit the targets to bounce them. I went with theme of bad southern hunter, using his car to hunt down deer and juggle them in front of his car. HEY DEM DEER BE OVERPOPULATING! Not the highest quality of tastes but hey its the first thing that came to mind. Was also inspired by the recent success of Vlambeer's Radical Fishing. 

Game Controls , A - D or Arrows 

Objective - Juggle the deer in front of your car to gain points for hits and combos for keeping more deer in the juggle. Lose all the deer in your juggle and its game over. O and also try to avoid the traffic. 



Week 3 - Super Trippy Space Game 

This week I built out the Break Out game and experiemented with a space background I was thinking of. A big inspiration for this prototype was Shatter, a great game that is breakout but has a great additional mechanics and soundrack. Actually used a track from the soundrack in this prototype. Check it out and SPAACCEEE OUUTT. 




Week 1 / 2- Day Night Cycle Test 

Talking with a friend, we want to make a game down the line and he really wants a day / night cycle because it is pretty important for the core game play. So I decided to use this assignment and test this out. Wanted to see how much change can you illustrate with just an open environment, 1 light, ambient value, fog, and skyboxes. The sky boxes are default, trees bushes are asset store, and one original blank character model. 

You can play the web version here (first person controls, num 1 - 5 change cycles) 


Video Walk Through


About Me

Hey guys, will be updating this space as the weeks go by with various projects and ideas that I like to prototype and build. So I will be uploading new games to play, dev videos, and maybe some other goodies. Had some experience in the past, so feel free to shoot me any question or ask about my projects, will be pleased to answer. 

In the meantime you can play one of my last prototypes Pinball Wizard, that is just using Playmaker and Unity's physics components here ->

Feel free to also add me on these networks to keep in touch. 




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