Super Fun with Inks

Super Fun with Inks - student project

I had some stressful month behind me, all the more I enjoyed these last days with drawing and experimenting, relaxing....I missed my Artsupplies soooo much *.* . Thank you anna for this fun and cool class.


Super Fun with Inks - image 1 - student project

Super Fun with Inks - image 2 - student project

Abstract stuff with palette knife and on top some florals with white and black Ink.


Super Fun with Inks - image 3 - student project

My husband want me to draw a scarecrow...


Super Fun with Inks - image 4 - student project

Super Fun with Inks - image 5 - student project

When it comes to that abstract leaf lesson, i instantly was back in elementary school. I think we were outside every autumn to collect some leaves for making some cool artstuff.

Super Fun with Inks - image 6 - student project

Once again....Thank you Anna for this inspiring class full with possibilities, suggestions and skills about Inks. They are still hard for me to handle, because they hardly allow a practice and more practice for me, but it's much more fun with these cool projects and these adorable community on skillshare.

And the first Artproject in 2021 will be cyrillic lettering to make my husband a little bit jealous (he wants to learn russian for years) :D