Super Balls Two Ways

Super Balls Two Ways - student project

Every year we watch the Super Bowl at our friend Tim's house and we grill burgers and hot dogs on his grill. This year, I yearned to do something different and Show Us Your Balls came at the perfect time. We also found that this was a food which was not hard to prep at home and then bring to a party for baking (allowing about 30 minutes of kitchen time at the party).

Super Balls Two Ways - image 1 - student project


Since it was our first time making balls, we used Chef Holzman's recipe from the video lecture.


Husby and I had different plans for our balls. Husby envisioned meatball marinara subs, whereas I wanted to enjoy them naked (A term used on The Meatball Shop's menu and receipts for balls without buns, not referring to our own state of undress). Since we had 3 more friends drop in for the viewing party, I compromised to serve the balls over noodles in order to fill all our bellies.


I appreciated Chef Holzman's tips for how to make our balls tender and tasty. The test ball we made at home before heading to Tim's to bake was absolutely delicious! No changes needed!

Super Balls Two Ways - image 2 - student project

Super Balls Two Ways - image 3 - student project

Super Balls Two Ways - image 4 - student project

Mixing the meat with the goodies

The hardest part of making the balls was acquiring an ice cream scoop! Somehow we have lived together for 7 years without owning one, so we wanted to buy a good one for this project and our almost-nightly ice cream eating habit. We went to 4 stores before landing on the Oxo SteeL Ice Cream Scoop whose ingenious design requires much less hand strength to dislodge the scoop than a traditional side-sweep scooper. This scoop was also the perfect size for a 2-ounce ball, and we've been happy with the performance both with meat and with ice cream.

Super Balls Two Ways - image 5 - student project

Super Balls Two Ways - image 6 - student project

Balling up the scooped meat

Super Balls Two Ways - image 7 - student project
29 perfect balls (would have been 30 with the test ball)

Super Balls Two Ways - image 8 - student project
After 17 minutes at 425 degrees fahrenheit.


Super Balls Two Ways - image 9 - student project

Husby's meatball marinara subs. Very football-appropriate, no?

Super Balls Two Ways - image 10 - student project

Wifey's meatballs over egg noodles with mushroom sauce


Both versions were delicious! I'm happy we have found a new football food to add to our repertoire. Whose balls would you rather eat?

Angela Yu

avid learner and aspiring storyteller