Sarah Barton

graphic designer/type lover



Supa Dupa

I hate to post all of my steps at once, but life is crazy and I only had one night to do the class!

Something I've been wanting to letter for a while is the phrase "supa dupa" (slang for "super duper"). I imagine it might have been something that people said in the '60s or '70s.

I already knew that I wanted to do some curvy, gloppy-looking text. When I was researching inspiration, I noticed that posters from that time often squished the letters into a containing shape, so I went with a circle.


From there, I moved on to tracing paper so I could draw it at a bigger size and perfect the shapes. 


Then I inked it! I had originally planned to draw a circle around it but once I started thinking about how to animate it, I went with a thick stroke to give it an organic shape. 


Last step was animating. I didn't move my background around because I thought it looked too busy in my piece. Thanks for the supa dupa class Mete :)



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