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  1. I (Paul Hayes) started SupHerb as a Lifestyle Brand in my paretns basement in early 2013 in New York, I am 18, I started the brand at 17, I am a one man team and run SupHerb alone.
  2. With a passion for design, and sick of what alot of brands are offering to the market (due to a lack of originality) with $1,000 dollars to my name and $1,000 of investor money I invested in a Trademark, a website with a E-commerce set up and SupHerbs first line of gear. Although there was various problems with the first line I encountered I learned from my mistakes and I had made enough money back from hustling T-shirts off through social media and a network of friends, I am about to invest in our second line of gear which I plan to get into retail stores and although the process is new to me I am ready to take on the challenge.  
  3. SupHerb is not a clothing brand, we are a Lifestlye Brand whose main canvas for designing at the moment is clothing, in the future you will see us producing your favorite glass pipes, rolling papers, herbal grinders, rolling trays, stash wear such as back packs etc. and HIGH quality accessories for the every day SupHerbavore. 
  4. Here is a sneak preview of our next line of gear to drop, the order will be placed this weekend with the screenprinters (used to do the printing myself but soon learned how expensive it can be and how much margin there is for error without the proper equipment, so for now I am outsourcing the printing and letting a proffesional handle it so I can have the most quality product possible and when I did the math it came out to the same cost and for some prints its slightly cheaper than it was when I printed it.) 

  5. Some Future Designs, All Made Off Illustrator/Photoshop (Including the camo). All the designs have a message behind them, for example, the rocket shark is symbolic to us being hungry and not letting anything stop us on our way to the top. and also correlates directly with our Innovation Through Elevation motto.

  6. These will be used on the chests of zip up jackets or on sleeves of shirts, I've been working extremely hard on the brandng concept behind our company making sure you always see a moto, or consistent themes of "SupHerb" in the designs, I am going to make sure when people see a shirt that they know that we are the people putting it out which is something that brands like DIAMOND do extremely well, I think its cool when companies put great graphics on shirts but if you arent building your brand while doing so you wont make yourself a familiar face in the market. 

  7. Bar Logo

  8. Piggy Dank T-shirt

  9. Hat Designs 
  10. This First design is going to go on a vintage box fit black snapback (green underbottom), the first prototype is in production and at the embroiders right now, to compliment the green on the under bottom is the second graphic which is one of our slogans/ motto's will be emroidered (small) on the right side of this five panel vintage fit snapback.

  11. order sheet.

  12. Here is a picture of our Donut logo promotional stickers and a picture of our our rocket logo promotional stickers printed on water proof vinyl sticker paper, these are print and cut in house off of a epson 1400 and a gaphtec vinyl cutter using graphtec studio. I made 100 stickers in about 2 hours yesterday, if any one needs promotional stickers printed email [email protected]

  13. Recieved the Dirty Money (Sucio Dinero), and spark innovation T-shirts from the printers.


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